glitzylaunch UrbanTREE | Glitzy Launch Event Venue
UrbanTREE | Glitzy Launch Event Venue
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Be it a simple fabric reveal, drive in with engine roaring, smoke and lights flashing, a rotate with big screen projection, Lazersand haze, 3D mapping and moving walls and sets – UrbanTREE is without doubt a unique Car Launch Venue.  All the Cars are forklifted into our tunnel safely and then drive on

their own power into strategic positions, from entry level to super luxury to customised pool table cars to old and valiant ones from wars on battlefields to wars on speed tracks to wars across continents of forests and desserts alike, we have hosted many, amazing and unique car launches at our venue


Sparkling dishes of Gourmet Colour and Decadence fast prepared by our own amazing Chefs of Fresh served all white to ever attentive mouths and tastes. Flairingcocktail barmen splash long lines of citrus’ytall drinks whilst Hot Lounge DJ’s pump out awesome thrumbsof modern chic … Performance chefs serve hot and cold from sushi to griddle,

mengsum to tempura, you can literally hear and feel the sizzle through the chatter and delight … As everyone devours the night till the big glitzy Launch reveal … Some say nosh, some they quaff whilst more and more stunning people arrive to experience this amazing Launch Venue, UrbanTREE …


UrbanTree promises to keep this Private Information Confidential, if there is any information that you are uncomfortable supplying, please leave that part of the form blank. The more detail you are able to supply the keener our costing and better our offering can be.




Please fill in the form below with requested times and we will send a reply confirming request.

Urban Tree is available for site visits weekdays between 9 am – 5 pm.