Elegant Kosher Wedding Venue - UrbanTREE
UrbanTREE has hosted some truly elegant Jewish Weddings from breathtaking chuppahs on our Rooftop Garden to elegant Reception Dinners, Horas thereafter - Book this Top Kosher Wedding Venue!
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UrbanTREE has hosted some truly Elegant Jewish Weddings, starting with Kabbalat Panim, a private lounge for the kallah (bride) and her retinue and another separately deck lounge for the chatan (groom) and his group of guys, then onto the bedeken, chuppah, kiddushin, ketubah, sheva brachot either within our garden or in the venue itself and even yichud in a private space.

followed later by feastly starters and photos thereafter, all Kosher of course as are the drinks all supervised by the mashgiach. Then into the beautiful dining room for Hora’s, and some more and perhaps again, dinner, prayers, speeches and dessert and then party the night away… Truly elegant Kosher Weddings at UrbanTREE


UrbanTREE love working with either Gary Friedman, Shelley Geffen or Stan & Pete and their respective teams who are on hand to prepare your Kosher Feast, together with UrbanTREE’sfriendly staff who will all look after your attentive needs, whilst our venue is just perfect to party the night away on your truly special day. from wheel’d

shooter bars to all other food and drinks experiences, dancing and partying till the night blends into happy memories. We have Kosher (Meat Crockery) on hand if you so choose as well as a host of other décor, sets, props, décor, furniture all included in your venue to make your wedding day extra special in elegant style.


Something to consider …

This exclusive Sandton Cocktail Party and Banqueting Venue can only be booked by appointment and for PRIVATE and or CORPORATE Parties, Launches, Events and Experiences. This extraordinary venue is recently open to the public as we have launched our DESTINATION RESTAURANTS – see links below for details.

… our Destination Restaurants






UrbanTree promises to keep this Private Information Confidential, if there is any information that you are uncomfortable supplying, please leave that part of the form blank. The more detail you are able to supply the keener our costing and better our offering can be.





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    Urban Tree is available for site visits weekdays between 9 am – 5 pm.