Fancy Birthday Party Venue - UrbanTREE
If you like to get dressed up or even if you don’t, UrbanTREE does a Birthday Party for any mood and experience - “Fancy a taste of that”, come experience UrbanTREE for your next Birthday Party.
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If you like to get dressed out, or even if you don’t, our UrbanTREE venue does Fancy Birthday Party for you, imagine arriving papparazi style via our iconic circular tunnel all bathed in colour, you and your guests are looking fabulous as you step off the carpet to the photo wall for a quick voxpops, not before slipping your fingers around an ice chilled bubbly of sorts, before you is the stunning UrbanTREE venue in all its sophisticated and fancy styling just for your birthday. Guests are chatting in

pockets under candle light or chandelier or candle chandelier, a Dj mixes lounge from a smart slick black upholstered Dj Cube to one side, a glistening bar in colour off silver sequins offers exotic cocktails and breathy spirits or mouth watering juices or both. Elegant service floats by momentarily waiting for you to pop something mouth-watering between your lips – “Fancy a taste of that”, come experience our venue at UrbanTREE for your next Birthday Party.


Let our creative chefs from Fresh conjure up a menu just for you, just for your guests, just for fun, exotic canapes and delicious sumptuous flavours burst onto your party scene, Handsome bartenders await with an attentive smile, light stewards float past hovering here and everywhere, smart waiters

walk with show like stride bearing more amazing floating bowl foods and other international and local cuisine almost feast like. Fancy that ? … UrbanTREE, the Stylish Sandton Venue is most suited to your birthday party this season.

Something to consider …

This exclusive Sandton Cocktail Party and Banqueting Venue can only be booked by appointment and for PRIVATE and or CORPORATE Parties, Launches, Events and Experiences. This extraordinary venue is recently open to the public as we have launched our DESTINATION RESTAURANTS – see links below for details.

… our Destination Restaurants






UrbanTree promises to keep this Private Information Confidential, if there is any information that you are uncomfortable supplying, please leave that part of the form blank. The more detail you are able to supply the keener our costing and better our offering can be.





    Please fill in the form below with requested times and we will send a reply confirming request.

    Urban Tree is available for site visits weekdays between 9 am – 5 pm.