Funky Kramerville Industrial Venue - UrbanTREE
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UrbanTREE first located in the Funky Kramerville Industrial Precinct in mid 2008 as a film and photo studio as well as events, our venue being ideally situated on the edge of the Sandton urban and Kramerville industrial fringe with our Funky Industrial Elements overlooking the beautiful tree’ d gardens of Sandown and Morningside is perfect for edgy and funky events. Enter from the raw Steel, Concrete and Brickwork of the Kramerville Industry outside to reveal a luxury venue inside, so elegant and neutral in greys, silvers, accentuated with blacks and whites all of which change into

funky colours when washed in our multitude of LED parcans… Come and enjoy how we have taken 60’s industrial factory, warehouse and office construction and made it mirrored columns, sequined bars, chandelier’ d entrances and lounges and orchid and cycad filled cocktail areas – all we have left is our raw industrial ceiling and even that will disappear soon, just leaving this wonderful and funky Industrial refit in contrast to the ever changing Kramerville precinct outside. Grab a band and a bunch of guests and come party with us in our special funky Industrial Venue soon.


Being an Industrial Venue tends to at times push one to honour these roots, with Urban Industrial Chic and to bring decadent Drinks and Food together with raw and architectural visual elements of service. Let our amazingly creative Chefs from Fresh entice you with amazing contrasts of flavour, texture, colour, fragrances and temperature playing hard our heritage of being partly Industrial and partly Urban in an awesome funky way, all our gorgeously wonderful staff are

predominantly students from the surrounding campuses all engaging, happy and attentive, we are sure you will love them too … Mix into this delicious craft beers, crafty cocktails and lekkerwines and specialist local spirits together with some fruit or just some ice, straight up or neat, with foam or with bubble and mix in the warmth of a garage band and “wallah” you will have a truly special time … See you soon!

Something to consider …

This exclusive Sandton Cocktail Party and Banqueting Venue can only be booked by appointment and for PRIVATE and or CORPORATE Parties, Launches, Events and Experiences. This extraordinary venue is recently open to the public as we have launched our DESTINATION RESTAURANTS – see links below for details.

… our Destination Restaurants






UrbanTree promises to keep this Private Information Confidential, if there is any information that you are uncomfortable supplying, please leave that part of the form blank. The more detail you are able to supply the keener our costing and better our offering can be.





    Please fill in the form below with requested times and we will send a reply confirming request.

    Urban Tree is available for site visits weekdays between 9 am – 5 pm.