UrbanTREE - Venue Details, Capacities, Floor Loads, Power & Services
Operational Venue Details and Information about the UrbanTREE Venue, Venue Sizes, Loads, Capacities and Details
the UrbanTREE Venue Sizes Capacities, Loads and Detail
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The Total Venue Space of some 2700 m2 is made up of :

A. the expansive OUTDOOR ROOF GARDEN of some 1200m2 odd ,

B. added to this is the luxurious MAIN INTERIOR of Reception, Cocktail and Bar Areas, Dining Room, Stage and Lounges of an additional 900m2 plus.

C. Over and above these is the 200m2 plus of the PRODUCTION OFFICES, Artistes Change Areas, Crew Canteen , kitchenette and Bathrooms a floor below

D. With the remaining 300m2 odd for Guest Bathrooms, Kitchens and Back of House Service Areas.


This Venue further boasts the somewhat UNIQUE ATTRIBUTE in that most of its interior can either move around and or be hung from different positions and or be dismantled completely leaving just a RAW carpeted SPACE … This allows us at will to literally CHANGE the DESIGN and or LAYOUT of every Dinner or Party. Our unique Hanging Panels can literally allow us to accommodate any Dinner from 40 VIP Guests to 500 Gala Dinner Style (it is tight) and still maintain an immense sense of intimacy and exclusivity. Our plush upholstered interior, lounges, bars, counters, reception and cocktail areas and delicate up lighters can be either moved around, removed entirely and or replaced in such a way as to accommodate comfortably any cocktail and or dance party from literally 40 to 1200 guests (special approval has to be secured for very larg numbers as it has been done in the past)


Due to the Moveable and Removable MODULAR Attributes of the Venue we have been able to comfortably host the following GROUP SIZES and ACTIVITIES in the recent past :

• DINNERS from literally 8 (eight) Private Guests up to 500 (five hundred) seated BANQUET Style.

• COCKTAIL and or DANCE PARTIES all from just 20 (twenty) VIP Guests up to 1200 (one thousand) Party Goers.

• CINEMA up to 700 (seven hundred) viewers

• SCHOOL ROOM up to 360 (three sixty) participants

Please Note:

UrbanTREE is a fully functional Party and Banqueting Venue with its own Food, Beverage and related Service departments and supply and ordinarily does not allow outside suppliers in these disciplines.

We at UrbanTREE have invested in some amazing service and style elements as well as some highly versatile kitchen gear and equipment, we hand pick and train all our own staff in all disciplines and for unique skills we partner with strategic suppliers.

One such area that we have primarily partnered in, is in the Kitchen, with the highly talented team from Fresh Catering and have now been able to build up quite a repertoire of magical food experiences to date to share with you and your guests.

We at UrbanTREE have chosen not to handle cash NOTES and Coins on premises and thus can only sell liquor by debit / credit card or Snapscan.

All Event Beverages are supplied and Served purely on a Sale and Return Basis, ie a Stock is signed in before the start of an Event and what is leftover is signed back out at the end and the Final bill becomes the Consumption in between, all cashbar sales are for the main clients overall account.


As UrbanTREE was originally an Industrial Building we have also been able to host MOTOR CAR’s either in LAUNCHES, FASHION SHOWS PROMOTIONS and MOVIES :

• Cars in the Dining Room, on the Roof Garden, or in the Cocktail Bar

• Cars Launched on Stages, 3 in fact launched on their own stage each

• Cars as prizes, as promotions as heroes in music videos and or photo shoots

• From as little as a Single Car to as many as SIX (6), but the venue can take many many more.

• We have access to all the necessary resources, ramps, hyster lifts, etc required to make this possible, limited only to the size and dimensions of the tunnel entrance.


Here are some important Load, Electrical and other Capacity Capabilities and Limits :

Floor/Roof Load

1. The Venue is rated safe up to a maximum floor/roof POINT LOAD Capacity of 450kg per m2

Ceiling Hanging Point Load

2. There are chemical hanging points inside the venue that have been tested and rated safe up to a maximum point load of 500Kg

Electrical Supply

3. The Venue has Industrial Supply of Electricity with 225Amps of 3 Phase Power and this is supplied into the Venue as follows :

a. There are 3 Independent 63 AMP 3-Phase supply connections within the Interior of the Venue, each on its own independent own circuit breaker,

b. plus a 32 Amp 3-Phase supply from within the Kitchen for supply outside to the Tunnel and Outside Entrance Area

c. The Venue does have its own Back-up Generator, however only up to 100KVA and this supplies the Entire Venue, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Production Offices, Lighting and Aircons.

d. So if Large Show Backup Power is required this can be rented in.

Water Supply

4. There is a Garden Tap for fresh water supply on the Roof Garden

Stretch Tents to Roof Garden

5. There are fixing points for StretchTent Installation of various sizes to the Roof Garden, only Tents manufactured out of StormChild Fabric supplied by LOUDFIRE can be used for obvious legal, liability and risk mitigation reasons, unfortunately NO MARQUEES and or other TENTS can be used as they exert too much load on the Roof Deck and cause the Concrete to deflect

Outside Suppliers.

6. There are certain suppliers that we have enjoyed working with, for we feel that they too have come to both enjoy and respect our venue and space – we thus do reserve the right of first refusal with regards who may supply and or work within the venue.


This exclusive Sandton Cocktail Party and Banqueting Venue can only be booked by appointment and for PRIVATE and or CORPORATE Parties, Launches, Events and Experiences. This extraordinary venue is unfortunately very rarely ever open to the public, until recently of course, as we have launched our DESTINATION RESTAURANTS – see links below for details.

our Destination Restaurants






UrbanTree promises to keep this Private Information Confidential, if there is any information that you are uncomfortable supplying, please leave that part of the form blank. The more detail you are able to supply the keener our costing and better our offering can be.




    Please fill in the form below with requested times and we will send a reply confirming request.

    Urban Tree is available for site visits weekdays between 9 am – 5 pm.